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05 May 2006

Boycott Exxon!

I have stopped buying gasoline from Exxon, and I'm going to try and convince everyone I know to do the same.ExxonMobil has announced yet another record-breaking profit -- over $36 billion in 2005!
When Exxon's spokesperson basically said he would do nothing to help the average American with pump prices, that all he cared about was making money for the shareholders, well that was the catalyst for me.
Since 2000, ExxonMobil has spent almost $37 million on lobbyists to push its agenda on Capitol Hill, including $7.7 million in 2004 alone.Your Senator won't do squat about it.He or she has been bought and paid for by theses criminals.
I encourage everyone to buy gasoline from a company other than Exxon for the foreseeable future.
It's not hard to just drive by that station and go to the next.Exxon is more expensive, generally, than the other stations anyway.
I Refuse to buy from Exxon.What about you? If you feel like me, that these fatcats are getting richer by the day off of you and me, then go to
and join the fight.
They have alot of information and a cool bumpersticker too.You can even write a letter to ExxonMobil Executives straight from their site.
is saving consumers money at the pump and easing our oil dependence by investing in renewable energy and energy efficiency and supporting fuel economy too much to ask for?

Peace out rebels everywhere!

News flash - God sees everything.

I'm moving my mom this morning.Now my mom is high strung , to say the least.I live in South Carolina, and she's been in Ohio for the past years.Enough said.
Well, some guy comes up to me while i'm putting stuff on the truck and says he needs a ride to the ups store because his dad had a heartattack and all that...blahblah.
Now whether or not he was telling me the truth I don't know and never will, but we will all have to give account in front of God one day for everything we do, right?
Well, I was willing to take the guy up the road a couple of miles, and he was going to help me load the truck up when we returned.I figured I could take the guy anyways if he tried anything stupid.Well, my mom hit the proverbial roof, and all but cussed the guy out.
You know the Bible says strangers may sometimes be angels and we are unaware of it.I know demons act this way too.I have dealt with crackheads wanting rides before, but I don't think this was the case.We should help all weary and downtrodden people.
You never know who may be looking.

Fighting RFID - Hacking the mark of the beast

RFID is slowly showing up everywhere in our lives.Libraries around the country are rolling out RFID for tracking books (and the people carrying the books).
cheap, homemade USB device can be used to clone keys for hotel rooms and offices.It can also be used to get free things from other peoples wallets.This new RFID technology is not safe.All I can do is leave a warning for posterity.Look back on the posts down the road when we are all tagged individually like animals and think back to the good old days when you were free.Our whole world structure is about to change, and 99% of the world's population has no clue what is about to happen.An anti-christian, anti human force is about to seize control of the coming world government, throwing us all into a hellish existence...hell on earth.The numbering of every human on the face of the earth is a prophecy fulfilled.Do not let anyone implant an RFID tag into your body.The prophecy also tells of a terrible plague of sores that will develop on anyone taking the mark.Painful boils all over the body!

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