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05 May 2006

News flash - God sees everything.

I'm moving my mom this morning.Now my mom is high strung , to say the least.I live in South Carolina, and she's been in Ohio for the past years.Enough said.
Well, some guy comes up to me while i'm putting stuff on the truck and says he needs a ride to the ups store because his dad had a heartattack and all that...blahblah.
Now whether or not he was telling me the truth I don't know and never will, but we will all have to give account in front of God one day for everything we do, right?
Well, I was willing to take the guy up the road a couple of miles, and he was going to help me load the truck up when we returned.I figured I could take the guy anyways if he tried anything stupid.Well, my mom hit the proverbial roof, and all but cussed the guy out.
You know the Bible says strangers may sometimes be angels and we are unaware of it.I know demons act this way too.I have dealt with crackheads wanting rides before, but I don't think this was the case.We should help all weary and downtrodden people.
You never know who may be looking.


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