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09 December 2006

Kickin' Ass in Sadr City

From the barracks at Camp War Eagle, some raw footage of the Mahdi Militia gettin there asses handed to em by the greatest military on the planet.
Self described as
"a night of fire works,,,seen from the top of our barracks at camp war eagle".

I'm proud of our army.I wish they could get them the hell out of there, but that's not gonna happen, is it.
We are there to secure our seat as the New Babylon.
The UN could very well relocate to Iraq to solve this latest unpleasantness...
Babylon still holds secrets and someone is over there to discover them.
The seat of the antichrist, being built right before our eyes.

But we are Kickin' Ass aren't we?

08 December 2006

Americas New World Order

As long as we keep being partisan, we will never win.Sure, the republicans are doing most of it now, only because they are in power.Neither political party has your best interest at heart.They want you to hate bush now, just as they wanted you to hate clinton before.Divide and conquer us.Stop affilating yourself with a party.Be an independent thinker.All the crap giong on in the world today cannot be blamed on the president alone.The senate is more to blame than him for this mess....Men and women who are repeatedly sent back to Washington for decades....they got us into this mess, along with the shadow government of course.

07 December 2006

O'Reilly's 'Culture Warrior'

Bill O'Reilly is the man.He has the top-rated show on cable and his books are bestsellers. CBS' Hannah Storm speaks with him about his new book, "Culture Warrior," and O'Reilly comments on Iraq, the presidency and more.Bill, you made me see that I shouldn't give in to partisan bullshit.Go Libertarians!
There is a culture war in this country! Wake up, wise up America!The Democrats and Republicans are not looking out for you!

06 December 2006

Bigfoot my ass - Lucky it wasn't his ass!

This guy is lucky some hunter didn't shoot his ass.What an idiot.People like this guy make it difficult for the paranormal researchers to be taken seriosly.

05 December 2006

60 mph Christmas Float

This happened about a half hour from where I live...All I can figure is the guy had to piss really bad.....lol

Police Say Man Driving Christmas Parade Float Was Drunk

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) - Authorities say a man driving a float in the Anderson Christmas parade has been charged with drunk driving after he passed another float then sped down Main Street.

When officers caught up to 42-year-old David Allen Rodgers, he had an open container of alcohol in the truck he used to haul the children and adults on the float for a dance studio.

Witnesses say Rodgers was driving in line in Sunday's parade when he pulled out to pass a tractor in the float.

Police say Rodgers sped down Main Street and ran a red light, while a witness on the float called 911 on a cell phone.

Rodgers, whose child was on the float, faces more than three dozen charges, including DUI, kidnapping and assaulting an officer. He will have a bond hearing on the kidnapping charge later this week.

03 December 2006

Alex Jones from Waking Life

Alex Jones is a true patriot.He puts his life on the line for all of us.

A modern day paul revere, to be sure.

Here are some sites for you to peruse...........

The World's Mastermind: The Hidden Face of Globalization