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02 August 2007

"Black Ops" General Absent from Pat Tillman Hearings

Video: CNN August 01 2007


Former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and others appeared before a congressional hearing on August 1st to testify about claims military brass disguised the fact that Tillman was "accidentally" shot by fellow US soldiers in Afghanistan in 2004.

According to Barbara Starr,
CNN's Pentagon Correspondent,
Absent from the congressional hearings was Lt. Gen. Stanley McChrystal, in charge of the most secretive force in the U.S. military...the black ops,if you will.The General was "somewhat implicated" for knowledge of the fragging, but due to his covert status, he is apparently immune from having to testify any further before an open committee regarding the matter.
The secrecy surrounding McChrystal's role worries some who note that Bush and former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld have given clandestine operations the lead in the war on terror—with little public accountability.

JSOC,or the Joint Special Operations Command, could be part of what Vice President Dick Cheney was referring to when he said America would have to "work the dark side" after 9/11.
Rumsfeld was said to be especially enamored of McChrystal's "direct action" forces or so-called SMUs—Special Mission Units—whose job is to kill or capture bad guys, say Pentagon sources who would speak about Special Ops only if they were not identified.
In a letter dated June 25, 2002, Rumsfeld wrote: "(Tillman) sounds like he is world-class. We might want to keep our eye on him."

Lt. Gen. Stanley McChrystal was one of the first to learn that Tillman was killed by friendly fire.
In a document dated April 2004, McChrystal wrote that Tillman's death, though heroic, was likely due to fratricide.
He advised President Bush and other leaders against making any potential speeches on Tillman's death "... in order to preclude any unknowing statements by our country's leaders which might cause public embarrassment if the circumstances of Cpl. Tillman's death become public."

McChrystal wrote that he was concerned that the President and others may have been preparing to make statements regarding Tillman's winning of the Silver Star, which is the third-highest military award for valor.

The US Army first said that Tillman had died a hero's death while fighting Taliban insurgents. Five weeks later, the Pentagon admitted that he had been killed in a "friendly fire" incident by fellow US troops.

The ex-Arizona Cardinals National Football League star gave up a lucrative professional contract after the September 11 attacks of 2001 to join the army, and his death became a symbol of American sacrifice in the 'war on terror.'

If Tillman had lived,he might have
been an even greater icon
in the fight to end the war.
It is my opinion that the man who may know more about this situation than anyone was given a free pass, and thus the hearings were a total whitewash.

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