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05 May 2006

Fighting RFID - Hacking the mark of the beast

RFID is slowly showing up everywhere in our lives.Libraries around the country are rolling out RFID for tracking books (and the people carrying the books).
cheap, homemade USB device can be used to clone keys for hotel rooms and offices.It can also be used to get free things from other peoples wallets.This new RFID technology is not safe.All I can do is leave a warning for posterity.Look back on the posts down the road when we are all tagged individually like animals and think back to the good old days when you were free.Our whole world structure is about to change, and 99% of the world's population has no clue what is about to happen.An anti-christian, anti human force is about to seize control of the coming world government, throwing us all into a hellish existence...hell on earth.The numbering of every human on the face of the earth is a prophecy fulfilled.Do not let anyone implant an RFID tag into your body.The prophecy also tells of a terrible plague of sores that will develop on anyone taking the mark.Painful boils all over the body!

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