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19 January 2007

Stephen Colbert in the

Bill O'Reilly's interview with Stephen Colbert on The O'Reilly Factor.
(18 January 2007)

David Icke on Aspartame

14 January 2007

Mainstream media twists Blair's speech into an attack on LiveLeak and internet media.

Mainstream media twists Blair's speech into an attack on LiveLeak and internet media.

Today, The Independent published a story touching on Tony Blair's speech released yesterday. In the speech, Mr Blair mentioned LiveLeak and the effect video sharing sites would have on the relationship between government, armed forces, and the public. The Independent put a different slant on this- they insinuated Mr Blair singled out LiveLeak as a site used for terrorist propaganda to undermine public opinion.

Here is the excerpt from the speech :

"Twenty-five years ago, media reports came back from the Falklands irregularly, heavily controlled. During the first Gulf war, the media had restricted access and we were mesmerised by footage of cameras attached to the end of Cruise missiles. But now war is no longer something read in dispatches. It comes straight into the living room.

Take a website like Live Leak which has become popular with soldiers from both sides of the divide in both Afghanistan and Iraq. Operational documentary material, from their mobile phones or laptops, is posted on the site. These sometimes gruesome images are the unmediated reality of war. They provide a new source of evidence for journalists and commentators, by-passing the official accounts and records."

You can hear this excerpt along with a short interview with Hayden from LiveLeak here : http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=73d671978f

Also, senior whitehouse aide Tony Snow suggested more troops should or will upload to sites such as LiveLeak or YouTube. Showing their side of the story. With Mr Blair not saying anything overtly negative about LiveLeak and with Mr Snow suggesting the positive aspects, where does all this negativity come from? Why would a respected media outlet turn things around in such a manner? Could it be that certain areas of the press feel threatened by the power of people sharing information which they cannot filter? Maybe our stance of impartiality and the fact that we can show what they cannot or will not bothers them? Other agencies have embraced this technology and accepted that you, the public, can break the news, that you, the public, can provide information upon which they can draw and people can access. Our way might be under attack, but the power lies with all those members who strive to show the reality of the world and the many hundreds of thousands who log on to view it.
(see: http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=829607785c)

The original transcript of the speech is available in full on the net (http://www.number-10.gov.uk/output/Page10735.asp), please draw your own conclusions.