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15 April 2006

Our Unpleasantness - A trojan horse by design

How far of a stretch is it to imagine that all of the 20 million plus illegal immigrants were here by design?There is a power behind this movement.It could not be organized to the extent that it has been without the help of the ones who wish to do us in.
Call them Illuminati, Globalists, Enemies of the People,what have you,Our country stands in the way of a New World Order - Norvus Ordo Seclorum.
It is a multi-front war for your mind and no less than your soul,and of course,the America we all hold dear.
At least the ones of us from here hold her dear, that is.
Illegal immigrants used to be called invaders. Now we turn a blind eye even as they march in our streets flying the Mexican flag!
Invaders from another country are here! Sound the Alarm!

It is a trojan horse that has turned into more than just a thorn in our side, it's an open wound.
The NWO cannot be established as long as the United States of America remains a Soveriegn Nation!
That is why we are being scratched, clawed and torn at until the America this 37 year old White Male grew up in is quickly fading into memory.
Not just from the immigration, but on a cultural level we are being fumigated by the PC, gay loving,anti-christian,anti-american media who have total control over what most people see and hear.Thank God for the internet, or we would have succumbed already I'm sure.

Frosty Wooldridge wrote an excellent piece recently for NewsWithViews.com called Globalism:You won't like it!
Frosty tells us how
globalists like Senator Kerry, Condi Rice, Vice President Cheney, Senator Frist, President Bush and others in our nation’s capitol are performing a frightening experiment on the United States of America. They have failed to stand up for the U.S. Constitution.
He interviews Mel Fowler about the globalists agenda, and about how we are indeed under attack and all should be gravely concerned.I won't go into much detail, for I encourage you to read it yourself, but I will give you a quote from Mel Fowler...

The overlords of globalism appear now to be attempting to sprint to their goal of world dictatorship, and we now have some other things to worry us, not the least of which is the destructive power of several million illegal aliens pouring into our country every year.

“We have completely lost control of the political life of this country. The two-party system works splendidly for the globalists who captured our country some time ago. Those who see that the United States is in serious trouble are dismayed by the appearance that the great majority of our citizenry are not aware of it. They go on as if life is sweet and getting sweeter."

Nancy Levant wrote another great article for American Chronicle entitled

An Indivisible Nation - How America WILL Stand.

..."Public schools and our children are the public-private property of Socialist re-engineers. American children are now thoroughly trained to be sexually active, morally blank, community consensus and ignorant laborers – or else they are “mentally ill” and drugged.

Socialist agendas overtook mainstream media so long ago that we can’t remember “news and entertainment” vs. “cultural envisioning.” What used to be “propaganda” is now professional and diabolical social engineering via TV shows, commercials, newspapers, magazines, movies, newscasts, etc...."

Take time to check out these two articles.Knowledge is power.
Print them out, let someone else read them too.

The Immigration problem will only continue to worsen, and could very well escalte into a Anarchy in the streets resulting in a Second Civil War.(
John Titor, where are you?)
Then Martial Law would be the final tool for removing our National identity and sovereignty.
Mandatory ID Chips implanted into the population will not be far behind.

14 April 2006

RFID tags can be hacked and infected with viruses

The news that RFID tags can be hacked should make all of these companies, and you, take notice.This technology is being advanced far too quickly, and is a bad idea altogether.

Imagine walking up to the counter at your local Wal-Mart, and everything in your buggy has been priced wrong.Not by much, mind you, just a few pennies per item.
A hacker is sitting in the parking lot, having just completed his homemade transmitter and has hacked into the mainframe that controls the prices.

Now, those pennies are going directly into the shopping card he purchased earlier, and later when the coast is clear, he will cruise right in, with a card that now has hundreds of dollars in credit, and it's a shopping spree on you.
Of course, it could be worse.More sophisticated hackers could cripple a local economy
with a few keystrokes, or empty your bank account...or worse.

Generation One tags, used by the U.S. Department of Defense, operate in the 902-938 MHz range.These tags are used by the US military to track supplies.
Researchers have proved a denial-of-service attack on the actual tags will cause them to enter an error state, allowing someone to input incorrect prices or alter location and destination parameters.
They demonstrated that from a range of about 3 feet, they could disrupt communications between tags and readers, putting the tag into a "communication fault state."
Last month, Dutch researchers have announced they have successfully created a virus capable of infecting RFID tags.

More Reading:

RFID DoS attacks 'proven'

Vulnerabilities in the newer UHF style of RFID tags

Researchers Confirm RFID DOS Attacks

Gen-1 tags can be breached with cheap radio gear

RFID Goes To War

Experts: Don't panic over RFID viruses - yet

13 April 2006

U.S. strategic arsenal to be cut by 80% by 2012

Here's a story from a Russian website that I found interesting.Since it's from Russia, I have no qualms about posting the whole story. Sure, we will cut our missles, but you know the Russians will not!
Don't think for one minute they are on our side.

MOSCOW. April 12 (Interfax) - The United States will reduce its strategic nuclear arsenal by 80% compared to cold war times by the year 2012, acting U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for International Security and Non-Proliferation Stephen Rademaker said at a Wednesday news conference at the Interfax office in Moscow.

Commenting on a recent article in Foreign Affairs journal claiming that U.S. nuclear potential had grown much stronger since the end of the cold war he said that "it is demonstrably untrue that the United States' nuclear forces have not grown stronger since the end of the cold war."

However, "the Moscow treaty of 2003 provides for a two-thirds reduction in the number of strategic nuclear warheads by the year 2012 in the United States and Russia," he said.

"Under the previous arms control agreement START, Russia and the United States were limited to 6,000 nuclear warheads each. Under the Moscow treaty each of the sides promised to reduce to a level of 1,700 to 2,200 by the year 2012," Rademaker said.

Scary to think of the deliberate tearing down of America and who is really behind it.

just go back to watching Television and don't cause any trouble....SLEEP...

11 April 2006

RFID Privacy concerns - Accidentally pay for somebody else's gas?

Dan Combs,President of Global Identity Solutions and a MIT Executive steering committee have opened up a "Public Information Center" to keep us all from getting too frightened about the RFID threat.
Check out this Propaganda. Just enough sweetener to keep your lips from puckering.
They say it will speed up everyday transactions at the grocery store, in airports and on the nation’s highways.
What they don't tell you is how this system will essentially hardwire you into a computer network that will one day control every aspect of our lives.
Radio-frequency identification tags - The next-generation bar code -- are basically a microchip outfitted with a tiny antenna that broadcasts an ID number to a reader unit. The reader searches a database for the number and finds the related file, which contains the tagged item's description.Perfect for Wal-mart's inventory control,huh?
One day in the future the problem will arise when People begin losing their cards, keychain fobs, whatever the Radio transponder is embedded into.

So, in the classic problem, reaction, solution scenario, Verichip will step in and offer the
Mark of the Beast, a chip imbedded in YOU that will be capable of numbering and tracking every human being on planet earth.

In a slightly less apocolyptic take on the subject:
RFID: Legitimate fear or fear-mongering? by ZDNet's Mitch Ratcliffe -- A Wall Street Journal article details the exploits of RFID-defeating privacy advocates and a few snake-oil solutions.
It may make spending and thievery so easy our virtual wallets could be emptied before we know it.