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10 February 2007

OFU Radio Podcast Episode #2

The Cyborgs discuss anna nicole smith again,a Marine Vet says he's not afraid of terrorists,but of the Government.A man so small he can come through the fiber optics in your phone and kick your ass.Devil channeler Dmetri and More craziness from the virtual cyborg rebel network.

Download the mp3 podcast HERE

09 February 2007

NEW! OFU Podcast

Episode 1 of OFU Radio.The Cyborgs discuss anna nicole smith,President Bush's increase in military spending.A ghost story is told,music and that's about it.

Download the mp3 podcast HERE

07 February 2007

latest video...Inevitable - Our Future Unpleasantness

Here's a dark compilation I came up with after being shut down by the Influenza Virus...1sst time in my life I've had it apparently....thanks Canadian air!
Set to the tune "Inevitable" by Mushroomhead, it defies any explanation beyond that.