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01 April 2006

Can you find the Spider??

I took this picture Friday afternoon of a poplar tree just outside my front door.

Anyway, there is a spider on the tree if you look closely.

Can you see it? This guy is doing a remarkable job blending in!

Let me know if you find him!

31 March 2006

What kind of creature do we have here?

Rescued from certain distruction off the kitchen floor of cracker barrel,
I submit to you this very strange negative That found its way onto the surface of my scanner and became immortal through this useless post on another useless blog that noone reads.
I picked this thing up and laughed my ass off, so hear it is, for nobody to see and you to read
Whoever that is in the picture is acting like a retard, and I'm not completely sure they are clothed.What a dumbass.
I wonder if it's one of the idiots I work with....lol.
Anyway, it's a wierd alien-like shot straight out of an interrogation room at groom lake.
Subject loses all mental cohesion and becomes something other worldly with obvious delusions of grandeur.

27 March 2006

The Immigration Stinkbomb

When I hear stories of all the protests going on all over the country, I have to wonder just who these people are...are they the illegal immigrants themselves?
I would venture to bet most are....

People, we are in desperate need of immigration reform in this country!
If the illegals wish to work in this country, let them build a gigantic wall at our southern border, and then when complete kindly ask them to step across to the other side...it just has to be or we will lose our country.
Any one of the thousands crossing our southern border every day could be carrying WMD's, Biological agents, etc.There simply must be a way to control this situation.

Did you know tuberculosis cases are way up in the United States because of the influx of unvaccinated illegals!We're talking about a disease that had been for the most part eradicated from our borders,now hospitals are seeing more cases from South American countries than they can handle.

An ongoing MSNBC-Newsweek poll currently finds 86% of Americans wanting serious immigration restrictions, so obviously those people aren't the ones we have heard about protesting this new Immigration reform bill...

There is nothing wrong in admitting the USA has to protect itself from within in these early years of this war...we have been infiltrated enough, it's now time to cauterize the wound, and seal the borders...

Left wingers have got it all wrong...Conservative leaders are silent...they don't want to lose any votes on either side....now there's the real problem in Washington, Senators! Do-Nothings! Whining, Complaining Do-Nothings!
I am disillusioned by the Republicans,
and Wouldn't call myself a Democrat for all the rice in China!

Thats why I now call myself Libertarian....and all patriotic Americans should give this political party a second look.You might just find yourself there.