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03 February 2006

LAPD ready to blast RFID tags onto a suspect's cars

from webpronews.com

By using a compressed air cannon, LAPD can blast a RFID tag onto a suspect's car, and track it with radio-transmitted GPS from a distance.

The company behind the technology, StarChase, calls it "real-time tagging and tracking pursuit management." Los Angeles Police Department Chief William Bratton calls it "incredible technology," according to a report on NBC4.tv. "Let them run, we'll just basically track them to wherever they finally dump the car," Bratton said in an interview with the station.

StarChase said on its website there are more than 100,000 high-speed chases each year, which endanger everyone in the area of the pursuit.

With the technology, the police can sit back at a distance and follow the vehicle, while coordinated efforts ahead of the pursuit can be put into position to stop a fleeing car.

The signal from the tag bounces off a satellite to a secure web server, where dispatchers can watch the vehicle's movements in real time. Importantly, StarChase said their solution "is also court-admissible and preserves the chain of evidence."

The first big test will come in Los Angeles, as LAPD begins using it later in 2006. Bratton sees the StarChase solution as one that will help increase officer safety and reduce those high speed pursuits. "We're very optimistic that this might be one of the next big ideas in American policing," he said in the story.

02 February 2006

Hillary Clinton's gonna get you!

Well, did you see how disrespectful the Senator from New York was at the state of the union speech the other night? For a party like the Democrats, who are described as a compassionate lot, they sure are venemous and hateful....hateful, now there's a word to describe Hillary Clinton.
I bet she wanted to sit next to Cindy Sheehan...too bad Michael Moore wasn't there.
What anyone sees in this woman is beyond me, but our memories are short in this country.We forget the many hateful, anti semitic anti christian things this beautiful creature has spouted from her lips:

Hillary's nazi salute at a lesbian rally...hilarious!

Could it be that Bill and Hillary Clinton are both practicing Illuminist Witches, and Hillary outranks Bill in the occult world?

" Many believe in the End Times. I believe we simply need a Change of Direction."

She doesn't believe Jesus is the way I'd be willing to bet.

If Hillary Clinton moves into the White House it will Seal America's fate just as The Election of Adolf Hitler sealed the fate of Nazi Germany...she is a true satanist and I hope New york has the sense not to re-elect her to the Senate, but that's unlikely.They think they are so refined up there in NY, but when they elected her, that was just DUMBER THAN S#!T.geez.

She has called for the "censorship" of the Internet where all news bloggers and sites will be censored & regulated and unagreeable websites will be banned as "subversive" and "dangerous."

Don't think it's possible? Look at what Google did in China last week....

Where is this headed? Depending on who wins the White House in 2008, the 2012 Scenario could come into play!

I don't know... maybe these people do, though.

I'm going to bed...3rd shift has finally taken it's toll.