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23 December 2006

US Marines call in an airstrike to take out insurgent IED team.

US Marines call in an airstrike to take out insurgent IED team. Insurgents were digging a hole to plant an IED, when they are taken out by airstrike.
America Will Destroy you devil worshipping bastards one way or another.GO USA!

Shot in the back...with a potato gun! Remix

Don't know how old the video is, but I added a little mushroomhead to it to spice it up.Just call it a remix of the original I guess.Funny stuff anyway.He obviously didn't know how powerful the gun was....

19 December 2006

1981 Report on Bohemian Grove...

Here's a video I found this morning on the Bohemian grove...for those of you not familiar with this place, here's a primer.......

"So, I was there witnessing something right out of the medieval painter Hieronymus Bosch’s Visions of Hell: burning metal crosses, priests in red and black robes with the high priest in a silver robe with a red cape, a burning body screaming in pain, a giant stone great-horned owl, world leaders, bankers, media and the head of academia engaged in these activities. It was total insanity" — Alex Jones, describing the Cremation of Care ceremony he witnessed at the Grove in 2000

18 December 2006

SNL - Digital Short - A Special Christmas Box Uncensored

here's the uncensored version...much better quality too.

17 December 2006

The Funniest SNL skit ever?Dick in a box (SNL12-16-2006)

This has got to be one of the funniest, if not the funniest saturday night live skit ever!
I work 3rd shift, and when i came home and started my DVR up to watch SNL, I woke the whole house up laughing my ass off at this skit.
Justin Timberlake and Andy Sanberg have just raised the bar...way to go censorship!