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08 April 2006

The Latest watch on 2012 from rebelghost

Serbia/Yugoslavia is where both the 1st and 2nd world wars started.I recently uncovered a story about the Nation of Serbia having the plans laid out for admission into the European Union\Beast system.
Could mean nothing, could mean everything.

Serbia believes it can join EU in 2012
“ Serbia will be ready for EU membership in 2012” according to Serbian government website.

And in the nefarious world of RFID spychips........

The World’s RFID Vendor Community To Gather

Kevin Ashton, founder and director of MIT's Auto-ID Center, says RFID chips and readers "talk to everybody" so it's possible for a hacker to use a "rogue reader" to gather information.
Current standards do not provide for encryption of RFID transmissions.
This means anyone with a cheap RFID Reader can theoretically steal information,
possibly Yours,straight out of the air with ease once they figure out the protocol.
Kevin Ashton is one of the creators of RFID technology.

RFID credit card technology in Australia

Now Master-Card holders in Australia can make small payments in over 150 stores such as 7-Eleven and Subway without supplying a signature or personal identification number for verification thanks to RFID big brother spychip technology.

Mastercard said 35,000 Commonwealth Bank customers in New South Wales would be given new credit cards with the RFID PayPass technology.

Commonwealth Bank group executive, Michael Cameron assured the Aussies of the security of PayPass.

"Rollouts of this technology in the United States and around the world have sho

wn no increase in fraud or security concerns, and we anticipate a similar experience here.

"We are very confident in the security of this technology," he said.

Soon, a computer will be able to track you from wherever you are using this

RFID big brother spychip technology.

There will be nowhere to hide in OUR FUTURE UNPLEASANTNESS.

Does this make you uneasy, or have you accepted your fate?

Is this the technology capable of numbering every human on earth,

as spoken of in

Revelation 13:16-17?

hmmm....I'll have to think about it.

I wonder what George would think.I bet he'd have a shit-fit.

05 April 2006

Mexican Job Applications & other musings

ok...so I "find" this application at work...
We have hired alot of immigrants to wash dishes at my employer, and I have had strong suspicions about the legal status of these people for some time.
Of course we all know deep down that very few are actually here legally, but it's been hushed up for so long and now it's finally coming to a head.
I am not against mexicans working here, but they should have to speak English, pay taxes, and observe the customs accordingly.If you want to fly the Mexican flag the go back to Mexico and don't let the door hit your ass on the way out.
But anyway, this guys application was very laughable.In the education and job experience sections, all that was written was the following:

"From Mexico".

No references at all, and no answer on the question Are you legally allowed to work in the USA!

They do not want to acclimate into the American system....they don't want to pay taxes...
what is it that they do want?
They want your piece of the American Pie, and you know what? They are fast getting just that.

I hope our senate and congress gets serious and passes legislation punishing employers for hiring illegals, and BUILD A WALL!

Corporate America ! Senate ! Congress ! Mr. President !
Stop Selling America out for votes and cheap labor!