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18 April 2006

‘Mark of the beast’ seen in national ID

Here is another example of the Real ID act of 2005 and the problems associated with this new numbering system the government has in store for us all.....

A group of Christian conservatives is urging Gov. Joe Manchin to reject a federally mandated digitized driver’s license law, comparing the bar-coded national ID program to the “mark of the beast.”

Fourteen members of the group that opposes the federal Real ID Act of 2005 met with Division of Motor Vehicles Commissioner Joseph Cicchirillo, governor’s office lawyer Joe Ward and Manchin legislative aide Jim Pitrolo for more than an hour on April 5.

Pastor Ervin “Butch” Paugh, a 57-year-old Nicholas County preacher who heads the group, said last week that the new driver’s licenses are unconstitutional, invade people’s privacy and conflict with Christian beliefs. He said the federal government is trying to create a “police state” with the new ID law.

“This is a total takeover by the beast system and a plan to ID everyone on the planet,” said Paugh, who has a nationally syndicated radio show called “Call to Decision.” “This will make someone a criminal if they don’t sacrifice their Christian convictions.”

Read more of this story here....http://wvgazette.com/section/News/2006041524

God help us all if the Real ID act goes into effect. Driver's licenses with RFID tags that will know exactly where all of us are.Just one step away from implanting them in your arm(or forehead!).

Illegal aliens will continue to roam free, while the rest of us will be tracked wherever we go.