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05 December 2006

60 mph Christmas Float

This happened about a half hour from where I live...All I can figure is the guy had to piss really bad.....lol

Police Say Man Driving Christmas Parade Float Was Drunk

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) - Authorities say a man driving a float in the Anderson Christmas parade has been charged with drunk driving after he passed another float then sped down Main Street.

When officers caught up to 42-year-old David Allen Rodgers, he had an open container of alcohol in the truck he used to haul the children and adults on the float for a dance studio.

Witnesses say Rodgers was driving in line in Sunday's parade when he pulled out to pass a tractor in the float.

Police say Rodgers sped down Main Street and ran a red light, while a witness on the float called 911 on a cell phone.

Rodgers, whose child was on the float, faces more than three dozen charges, including DUI, kidnapping and assaulting an officer. He will have a bond hearing on the kidnapping charge later this week.


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