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14 April 2006

RFID tags can be hacked and infected with viruses

The news that RFID tags can be hacked should make all of these companies, and you, take notice.This technology is being advanced far too quickly, and is a bad idea altogether.

Imagine walking up to the counter at your local Wal-Mart, and everything in your buggy has been priced wrong.Not by much, mind you, just a few pennies per item.
A hacker is sitting in the parking lot, having just completed his homemade transmitter and has hacked into the mainframe that controls the prices.

Now, those pennies are going directly into the shopping card he purchased earlier, and later when the coast is clear, he will cruise right in, with a card that now has hundreds of dollars in credit, and it's a shopping spree on you.
Of course, it could be worse.More sophisticated hackers could cripple a local economy
with a few keystrokes, or empty your bank account...or worse.

Generation One tags, used by the U.S. Department of Defense, operate in the 902-938 MHz range.These tags are used by the US military to track supplies.
Researchers have proved a denial-of-service attack on the actual tags will cause them to enter an error state, allowing someone to input incorrect prices or alter location and destination parameters.
They demonstrated that from a range of about 3 feet, they could disrupt communications between tags and readers, putting the tag into a "communication fault state."
Last month, Dutch researchers have announced they have successfully created a virus capable of infecting RFID tags.

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