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30 June 2006

...a long hiatus...

I have been on a long hiatus for the last month, due to my Mom's triple bypass surgery.I will be posting a new column soon.
Thanks for all of your prayers, whoever you may be.
God is Real folks
..He still works miracles on this earth, and it is indeed a fool who will not beleive.Praise be to The Lord Jesus Christ, who was and is and is to come.
Never be afraid to admit that you know the Man who is God.
Don't deny him, and he will not deny you.Draw near to him, and he will draw nearer to you than you can ever imagine.Such a small step by you leads to a supernatural occurance in your life that no other thing on this world can come close to.

Big tent Revival's Song says it all:

If loving God was a crime, I'd be an outlaw
I would join the fight, they could not shut me down
I would stand tall for what I knew was right.
Would you stand with me for the world to see
When all is on the line
Would you be ashamed of Jesus' name
If loving God was a crime
The schoolroom, I hear, teaches choices
To kids who cannot pray
And the unborn, I fear, they have no voice
In politics today
Take a look around.
What will tomarrow hold?
It's time to stand our ground.
We must be bold!


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