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26 April 2006

New Hampshire leads the way in the fight against REAL ID

Congrats are in order for the State of New Hampshire! They are the first state to stand up to the Real ID act that is soon to go into effect.
The Real ID Act became law in May with no public hearings or floor debate when it was attached to an appropriations bill for the Iraq War.

House Bill 1582
is an ACT prohibiting New Hampshire from participating in a national identification card system.
NH has determined The Real ID Act of 2005, Public Law 109-13, is contrary and repugnant to Articles 1 through 10 of the New Hampshire constitution as well as Amendments 4 though 10 of the Constitut
ion for the United States of America.
Therefore, the state of New Hampshire shall not participate in a national identification card system.

I hope My state of South Carolina will follow suit.Unfortunately, the Republicans that I long supported have morphed into something I can no longer agree with, and I'm sure Lindsey Graham and Jim Demint are lock step with the President and are probably not going to change their minds.After all, the Senate voted 100-0 for this terrible idea.

Wisconsin State Representative Marlin Schneider, D-Wisconsin Rapids, gets has a bill going through the Wisconsin Legislature that would prohibit anyone from requiring people to have the tiny RFID chips for work purposes or whatever may be dreamed up in the future.If this bill passes, Wisconsin would be the first state to ban mandatory microchip implants.

We will soon find ourselves numbered and tracked everywhere we go.Only the illegals will be safe from the prying eyes of Big Brother.This will be one step away from an implantable chip for all of us.Resist or your soul is damned.


HB 1582

The REAL ID Act: How It Violates U.S. Treaty Obligations, Insults International Law, Undermines Our Security, and Betrays Eleanor Roosevelt's Legacy

State Would Outlaw Mandadory Microchip Implants

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