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24 April 2006

Racist Mexicans will start the next civil war in America!

Yea, all Mexican illegals are here to work, right?It seems some have came here as part of a vanguard of an invading army from the south!
There is a real,concerted effort afoot by certain Mexicans to actually
take over the American Southwest .
These anti American foreign nationals try to brand anyone in opposition to them as racists,
but the reality is they are the hating racists they try so hard to brand the white man as.
Little is reported in the media on these peoples hatred for the white man.

Illegal Mexicans are a cancer on our society. They should be dealt with, ie. removed as soon as possible, or we will find ourselves in the midst of an all out civil war.They want to take over part of our country, and that just can't be allowed to happen.
Let them have jobs! Sure!They can build the wall for us, and then we will throw them back over the wall.The only people they are helping are the fatcats hiring and exploiting them.

You can call me whatever you want...racist, misguided, etc.
But that Mexican you just passed on the highway not only wants your job, but he wants your blood.Like it or not, we will see violence break out over this issue.

I, for one can't wait til the proverbial turd hits the fan.

We will take our country back, and Government be damned, if they won't help



Mexicans Have Plans
for the American Southwest

They vow to take it over

Hillary wants to build a U.S.-Mexico fence


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