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19 March 2007

Bill Maher - Bigoted Anti-Southern Hollywood Elitist

On CNN March 18 2007,Larry King played a clip of Bill Maher's monologue while interviewing him...

......"So,did you hear the latest about Barack Obama?
That he comes from a family of slaveowners?
and he's black..this is...but he's half white and apparently on his mother's side,the white side,they owned slaves and the Barack Obama camp was gonna deny it but his approval ratings in the south shot up 27 points,so..."

Call it humor if you want, I don't find it funny.

As a Proud Southerner,I'm Sick,Tired and Angry at these elitist Hollywood types the Mainstream Media allowing this kind of bigotry to run amok.It's the "in thing" to stereotype and poke fun at southern people.Makes those who do it feel superior,I guess.

Bill Maher wins the
Bigoted Anti-Southern Hollywood Elitist Award,
The B.I.G. A.S.S.H.O.L.E.,
For getting away with an anti southern, bigoted racist remark.
A Class-Act like you deserves the first big asshole award.Congrats!

-(CNN Larry King March 18 2007)-



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