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04 March 2007

David Reutimann Tribute - Race 2 California

Although Matt Kenseth won the 2nd Race of the year, I'm going with David Reutimann's wreck as my tribute for this race.
I'm positive Matt will win another race this year, so I'll make a Kenseth tribute later....
David Reutimann was dazed and confused when he woke up from the hardest hit of his career at California Speedway, but the rookie driver insisted he was OK.

"I am fine," said Reutimann, who spent over a half-hour in the infield medical center. "NASCAR just likes to triple-check, so that is what we had going on."

Reutimann was hit from behind by Greg Biffle with 8 laps left, sending him hard into the Turn 3 wall much like Dale Earnhardt's fatal crash of 2001. His No. 00 Toyota was so badly damaged it took his crew an hour to repair it sufficiently enough to load onto the transporter.

"I don't know. Somebody got into us, and I thought I was low, and I can't say for sure what exactly happened," Reutimann said. "All I know is the end result. Thank the Lord I am OK and no one else was in it."


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