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01 December 2006

4 yr. old 'Red Power Ranger' saves the day

You gotta love this story.What an ego this kid's gonna have when he grows up.
He already thinks he's a super hero.The sky's the limit now.

4-Year-Old Transforms To Thwart Armed Robbery

From http://cbs3.com/watercooler/local_story_335065805.html

(CBS 3) DURHAM, N.C. While his family was being held at gunpoint during a robbery, a 4-year-old North Carolina boy transformed in to a "Power Ranger" to save the day.

The little boy named Stevie was able to sneak away and put on his "Red Power Ranger" outfit. When he returned, he was ready to battle the bad guys.

"I was saving everybody,” Stevie said. “Yeah, I was the Red Ranger."

The thieves managed to get away with credit cards, cash and a cell phone, but Stevie’s mom believes her son saved the family from physical harm.

No one was injured in the robbery. It is unclear if Stevie will continue to use his powers for good.

link to the video


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