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21 October 2006


BRITAIN'S top police chief yesterday warned that the 2012 Olympics are a major terror risk - as it was revealed we are now al-Qaeda's main target.

Sir Ian Blair, Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, said forces across the country are drawing up plans to prevent fanatics disrupting the event.

He revealed: "From where we are now it is clear that the Olympic Games will be a huge target for terrorists." Senior police sources believe policing the London event will cost £3billion.

Meanwhile, intelligence chiefs have warned that Britain has become al-Qaeda's number one terror target.

Officials said well-organised sleeper cells are bedding in across the UK, operating on similar lines to the IRA at the height of the Troubles.

Soon, the whole continent of Europe will be overrun with these Islamic Devils.they are the seed of satan himself, born with cain.

The world has resumed the age old fight between Issac and Ishmail.


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