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09 February 2006

Christians are offended too - what about us?

I am sick of hearing about the cartoons depicting the prophet mohammed and the terrible reaction to them all over the globe.
What about the vitriolic attitude that the media has towards the REAL GOD and Christians?
Is it acceptable to make fun of us? With the exception of Sean Hannity, NOONE is speaking out on this issue.
Well here's one for all you islamic shits out there....YOU ARE ALL GOING TO HELL ANYWAY.....
Your GOD is not the true GOD....Your Father is not the true Father.
Blow yourselves up! There will be a 72 year old virgin waiting for you in HELL, not 72 virgins in paradise.
I can only hope that the ones who have eyes to see and ears to hear will wake up and start the REVOLUTION.
Lets rid our country of these insane devils.....Islam is not a religion of peace...c'mon people!
They want us dead, cause we can watch the Jeffersons and Archie Bunker and can eat Mcdonalds french fries and see titties on the internet and so on and so forth.

That disrespectful Jimmy Carter could have done something about our dependence on these fine folks during the 70's oil crisis, but did he? He just wants to blame it all on Bush.


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