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28 January 2006

Welcome to OFU

Welcome to my new site....Our Future Unpleasantness, or OFU for short.What the hell does that mean?Simply put, I will be scouring the media for stories that YOU may not hear about or see, because They don't want you to notice them!Stories that are important, nonetheless...

This world is not what you see! There are no Republicans or Democrats in Washington! They are all on the same team and it's not our team!
Neither Party is looking out for you!

They are only concerned with divide and conquer.If they can keep us fighting amongst ourselves, we won't be able to discern who the REAL ENEMY IS.

Folks, there is an elite group of people out there who think of you as nothing more than cattle.Their goals among other things include reducing the world population from 6 billion to 500 thousand through whatever means the evil minds can produce.Bird Flu, War, Famine, Pestilence,DEATH by whatever means they see fit.

The good news is that THEY WILL BE STOPPED! GOD will not allow this to continue!

We Should be the tools.We should be the catalyst for change.

The Crimes against the human race that these individuals have commited are too numerous to describe in this first posting,but be assured,this website will try to assemble the puzzle in a way that hopefully keeps you out there interested enough to come back for another looksee...

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Logan Rebelghost


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